An Important Message to All Board Members Past and Present,
Alumni, Trainers, and Loyal Friends of
The Florida School of Addiction Studies!

The Spirit Continues!



The Board of FSAS is very happy to announce the selection of the Florida Association of DUI Programs, Inc. (FADP) as the entity chosen to receive the assets of the Florida School of Addictions Studies, Inc. FADP will continue the great work of FSAS, with a priority of conducting trainings throughout the State of Florida to allow for greater attendance and flexibility for participating organizations and their staff.

Since 1982, the Florida School of Addictions Studies, Inc. has maintained a reputation as a Florida Professional School in the Field of Addictions. Over the course of the past 34 years, FSAS provided a level of applied learning and continuing educational programs to thousands of professionals in the substance abuse, mental health, and related fields of addictions.

FSAS has long been known as the place where "The Spirit Continues" and we assure you the Spirit will continue with the Florida Association of DUI Programs.


What about the attendance records of FSAS alumni? FSAS attendance records, since the year 2000, are maintained in the database software that is now owned by the FADP. Former FSAS Alumni will still be able to obtain attendance information by contacting the FADP office at (850) 671-3384 or email

Where will I be able to find updates and information about FADP/FSAS sponsored trainings and scholarship information?

Also be sure to check out our upcoming recertification trainings!