The Florida DUI system is regulated and monitored by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Completion of an approved DUI program is statutorily required of individuals violating Florida's DUI laws. Attendance may also be required for alcohol and controlled substance-related administrative suspensions.

The primary goal of the DUI system is to reduce the number of repeat offenders on Florida's roads. To assist in achieving this goal, DUI programs:

  • Provide educational services to DUI offenders.
  • Assist offenders in identifying substance abuse problems
  • Refer those offenders identified with substance abuse problems to licensed, community-based treatment resources.
  • Provide court-related and DHSMV-required services for the DUI offenders.
  • Provide Special Supervision Services to multiple offenders with a 5 year, 10 year or permanent driver license revocation.

DATE / First Time Driver

Effective January 1990, the Florida Legislature passed F.S. 322.095. This statute requires all first-time applicants for a Florida driver license to attend a substance abuse and traffic safety course. Individuals who have attended a Florida Department of Education approved driver license education course or who have a valid license in another state are not required to complete the course.

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DUI Program Services

DUI programs within the State of Florida operate as governmental or non-profit organizations under Administrative Rule, Chapter 16A-10, of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Florida DUI programs provide substance abuse evaluation and education, reporting and record keeping functions for individuals arrested or convicted of Driving Under the Influence, DUI reduced to reckless driving, driving with an unlawful blood alcohol (DUBAL) or refusal to submit to chemical testing.

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Special Supervision Services

In 1986 Florida Statute 322.271 expanded the Business and Employment Purposes and Hardship Licenses provisions to allow individuals with five and ten year revocations to apply for the DUI Special Supervision Services.

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